6 Slimming food combinations

6 Slimming food combinations. Discover this combination of foods that make your body thinner. They are very important for the body, healthy and also have the attribute of making you lose weight.

Combination of slimming foods

  • Blueberries + skimmed yogurt

Blueberries have pterostilbene, a molecule that reduces body fat. The calcium in yogurt prevents fat from accumulating in fat cells.

  • Green tea + lemon

Tea has a stimulating effect on the nervous system which in turn increases metabolism. Green also speeds up fat burning and, mixed with lemon, helps eliminate more toxins.

  • Coffee + cinnamon

Two cups of coffee a day contribute to weight loss thanks to caffeine and chlorogenic acid. If you sweeten it with cinnamon, you increase the fat-burning power of this drink.

  • Yogurt sauce + curry

Skimmed yogurt helps remove fat from the abdomen. Combining it with curry (turmeric + pepper) increases the effect because these spices accelerate metabolism.

  • Apple + ginger

Ursolic acid from apple skin helps burn calories. Take it with ginger, as it has been shown that it can increase metabolism up to 20%.

  • Blue fish + mustard

The omega-3 fats in blue fish reduce cholesterol levels and are associated with lower rates of obesity. In quarter to mustard, it speeds up the burning of fats.

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