After all, balance is the great secret!

Today most people have become spectators of these digital showcases called social networks, in which we observe the continuous changes and events that take place around the world. But undoubtedly, what always draws our attention, are those unknown characters; or some of them could be closer; which exhibit their bodily transformation in a simple image.

body transformation motivation

Well, it may seem like a miracle, to be able to obtain those fantastic results for immediately. And tell me something, with that kind of body that they manage, how not to show to everyone that lives in the online world!

The time between the pics can become the judge that dictates how the training has been his great ally to have such a photogenic body. And we speak of discipline as it is the second essential element to achieve the desired goals in matters of physical well-being.

Understanding discipline as the way to success

While discipline, in general, is an excellent creator of productivity and achievements, in the world of fitness does not have to be the opposite. In fact, we can list 5 fitness disciplines that will create amazing changes in your life:

Fitness boot camp: It´s a form of intensive outdoor training, which in recent years has become popular in the United States and many European countries. It´s a combination of different types of training practiced at high-intensity intervals. It can customize according to the needs of each one, but the spirit of the exercise lies in the requirement to achieve new challenges.

Bikram yoga: Also, known as “Hot yoga.” It is a variant of yoga performed at an ambient temperature of 42ºC with a humidity of 60 percent and which combines about 26 postures in a class of 90 minutes. The technique came to the United States more than 40 years ago and became one of the celebrities’ favorite activities. The heat produces a fluid stretch that allows a more excellent range of movement in the joints, muscles, and ligaments. The primary challenge is to adapt to the heat and not leave the room.

Crossfit: A type of training that began in the United States military. It consists of high-intensity work in a short time. The practice shaped in circuits, instead of using machinery, you use Olympic bars, rings, ropes and tractor wheels. It´s an ideal discipline for those who seek not to get bored when exercising as routines change regularly and allow to improve aerobic capacity, coordination, agility and harden muscles.
Aquafitness: It’s a directed aquatic technique, with cardiovascular and muscular movements that, to the rhythm of the music, follows three stages: warm up, cardiovascular and muscular work, and stretching. It´s an aerobic variant within the water, and more and more is practicing it because the benefits that you could obtain are numerous. Its success lies in the fact that pregnant women and people of all ages, including those suffering from joint, muscle or bone damage, can achieve this.

Zumba fitness: A fitness and dance fusion and uses a choreographed freestyle as a teaching method. It represents an aerobic activity of directed, using steps, technique, and music similar to Latin American rhythms. Their classes mix animated international beats with easy-to-follow choreographies that do effective training throughout the body. Three fundamental pillars about Zumba: simplicity, ease, and effectiveness.

Now that you know more about discipline in the world of fitness, you are not interested in knowing what the main element for an enviable body is?
Although we must know all the aspects that constitute us as disciplined beings. There is the master key to achieve discipline, and it´s The Balance.

For most people make significant efforts to maintain that balance, but sometimes they feel overwhelmed and defeated.

Being this the key to follow and not lose the way to the goal. You must remember that an excess of any aspect of life can make us forget balance; at the same time, very little of the essential things can have the same effect.

For example; on a diet, there must be a relationship between the amount of energy we have consumed, that is, the degree of calories we take throughout the day through our solid or liquid foods. The percentage of calories expended, that is, the reserves that our body uses and estimates necessary to undertake each of the activities of their daily life is what is known as energy balance.

The mere fact of knowing this balance and applying it appropriately in our life will help us to prevent the levels of obesity that today are worrisome in our society and adopt a healthier life.

There’s no question since you know that once we become aware of what we eat, sources and effects. It´s normal to seek a change of diet to regain sensitivity with our organism and thus be able to establish the balance from the inside-outside of us.

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